Equipped with State-of-the-Art Technology

High test speeds

The hydraulic operation allows impact tests to be conducted at any speed between 0.0001 m/s and 20 m/s (72 km/h). It allows a wide range of testing speeds using a single machine.

Design to minimize the effects of impacts

The HITS Series incorporates various features to minimize the effects of impacts, including metal springs with superior vibration absorption capacity, the displacement detector resistant to vibration and shock, a striker integrated with a load detector (HITS-PX), a load detector integrated with grips (HITS-TX), and a speed reduction and stopping function that combines braking control with hydraulic cushioning (patent pending).

Specialized approach jig (HITS-TX)

Allows target speed to be reached rapidly.

State-of-the-art software

The software uses standard Windows 10 wizard format to allow intuitive and simple operation even for beginners. The software provides information such as load-displacement curve, maximum test force, displacement, energy, and inclination. Advanced processing, such as overlaying results from multiple tests or statistical analysis are standard functions.

Environmentally friendly energy-saving design

The HITS Series employs an energy-saving operation system that changes the motor speed and supply pressure for the hydraulic power unit depending on the operating status of the testing machine (patent pending). In addition, the hydraulic power unit is air cooled, so water is not necessary for cooling.

Comprehensive safety features

The HITS Series is equipped with comprehensive safety features, such as a safety cover, safety mat, and dual switch system for starting tests. In addition, for extra safety, the piston uses a mechanism that allows high-speed travel only in the test direction.

Temperature dependency for high-speed behavior (optional)

Information on the temperature dependency for specimens’ high-speed behavior can be obtained using the optional thermostatic chamber (-40 to +150°C).

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