Automated Testing with the Electric Stage (FA Series)

Automated Testing with the Electric Stage (FA Series)

Edge Detection and Automatic Edge Pattern Creating Function

The software automatically detects the sample edges, and then automatically creates a parallel pattern, region pattern, or perpendicular/zigzag pattern.
For circular samples, a circular pattern can be created in which the central coordinates are automatically calculated, and the user congures the angle/radius for the test position.

Automatic Test Pattern Creating Function

Pattern Tests

The test position pattern is set automatically. There are 10 configurable patterns (a user-designated position can also be set).


Application Examples

Testing Automobile Gears
The system can detect the gear edges, and measure the hardness within the gear. Additionally, the test force can be changed for each test position.

Measuring the Depth of Hardening
(JIS G 0559 and ISO 3754)

The depth of hardening can be determined to check the amount of quenching.

Testing Automobile Gears

Measuring the Depth of Hardening


Stage Viewer Function

The overall image of a large sample can be seen by photographing specified ranges and then combining the images. Double-click in the window to move the XY stage to that position.

Electric Micrometer (Optionally Available) 

The electric XY stage function can be used by replacing the micrometer head on the HMV-G31 manual stage. It can be installed in existing HMV-G21/HMV-G31 systems.

* XY directions only. There is no electric micrometer for the Z axis direction.


Suitable Hardness Tester
and XY Stage
Manual XY stage provided as standard with the HMV-G31 and HMV-G21
(Surface area: 100 x 100 mm)
Drive Method Stepping motor drive; open loop control
Stroke ±12.5 mm (0 to 25 mm) for both the X axis and Y axis
Movement Speed 2 mm/s max.
Positioning Accuracy 0.02 mm / 10 mm
Backlash during Round
Trip Turnback
0.003 mm max.
Movement Resolution 0.001 mm
Power Supply Single-phase 100 VAC 100 VA (50 Hz/60 Hz)

*Prepare a grounded outlet. (D type ground, with a ground resistance of 100 Ω max.)
*In addition, a power supply for the hardness tester unit and the PC will be required.

Personal Computer As per the recommended PC specifications for the HMV-G.
OS Windows® 10 (64 bit edition)
CPU (recommended) Intel® Core™ i5-6500 or faster (Windows® 10)
One USB 2.0 port (full speed) is used. (In addition, the tester unit uses two ports.)

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