Need free lab space for your research?

Shimadzu´s lab4you student program

Are you frustrated with waiting for instrument time in your department? Fed up with cleaning up someone else’s mess before you can get to work? Do you wish for more flexibility, or even better an instrument at your disposal whenever you need it?

Then lab4you is for YOU! We are now again looking to support young, enthusiastic scientists with an interesting topic of research, by offering instrument time on the entire range of our state-of-the-art analytical equipment in the Shimadzu Laboratory World in Duisburg, Germany.

Furthermore, within the framework of the European Innovation Center, Shimadzu provides a direct connection to our key opinion leaders and their laboratories in the field of clinical, food, composite and imaging research.

You will also benefit from the advice of our on-site product specialists.

Registration open!

Our successful candidates in 2015 are Carola Schultz and Katarzyna Brama


Our successful candidate in 2016 is Debora Pensi


Our successful candidates in 2017 are Lars Appel and Lisa Emhofer


Our successful candidate in 2018 is Nora Gibitz Eisath


We offer:

  • State of the art technology in modern and well maintained laboratories
  • New and well serviced analytical instrumentation from HPLC / UHPLC or SFC to GC, a wide range of spectroscopy equipment (UV, IR, FTIR, ICP ..) as well as MALDI-MS for imaging experiments (find a full overview of the analytical equipment offered by Shimadzu at
  • Materials Testing & Inspection (find a full overview of the equipment offered by Shimadzu at )
  • Product specialists to assist with use of the equipment

Skills / knowledge required:

  • Undergraduate degree with a science background
  • Approved topic of research (MSc or PhD thesis or postdoc research)
  • Practical experience, especially use of required equipment
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication skills; ability to identify and gather important findings and effectively present key messages and takeaways in written form and/or oral presentations

For any questions, contact us via

About Us

Shimadzu offers a multitude of products, encompassing analytical and measuring instruments and medical systems. The analytical division is one of the world´s largest providers of analytical instrumentation and environmental monitoring equipment. The company philosophy is: Contributing to Society through Science and technology.

Shimadzu was founded in 1875 and has its place of business and origin in Kyoto, Japan. With a worldwide network of subsidiaries in 76 countries and approximately 10.000 employees Shimadzu guarantees personal support for each customer.

Our product portfolio has grown coherently, linking many disciplines together. The company’s strength is innovativeness, based on the creative talent of scientists and engineers, such as Genzo Shimadzu Jr., who has been recognized as one of Japan’s top ten greatest inventors, and Koichi Tanaka, the 2002 laureate of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. 

Terms and Conditions 

With my registration for this contest
1. I agree with the terms and conditions of Shimadzu Europa GmbH.
2. I agree that parts of the work realized in the Shimadzu Laboratory World can be published by Shimadzu Europa GmbH and used for marketing activities (in accordance with university regulations).
3. I confirm that I am currently registered at a European University.
4. The successful applicant can claim the prize until the 31st of March 2021.
5. The prize cannot be paid in cash.
6. There is no right of appeal.
7. The winner will be notified in written form by Shimadzu Europa GmbH.

8. All data and information exchanged within the framework of this contest will be treated confidentially
9. Shimadzu employees are excluded from this program.
10. Draw limited to one prize only per participant.

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