Liquid Chromatography


Shimadzu provides a range of liquid chromatography systems from HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)  to UHPLC, preparative systems, and more. We also offer solutions for supercritical fluid chromatography and ion chromatography. LabSolutions dedicated software simplifies method development and routine workflows for quantitative and qualitative analysis. Shimadzu’s Shim-packTM columns ensure high-quality analysis data over a variety of applications.


HPLC / UHPLC – High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Modular (U)HPLC systems

The modular set-up of the Nexera series LC systems offers full flexibility, to support even the most challenging applications. The low system volume and detectors with world-leading sensitivity enable excellent performance for method development, routine analysis, as well as for high-throughput requirements. Built-in Analytical Intelligence features ensure maximum reliability and ease-of-use.

Compact (U)HPLC Systems

With its space-saving design, the extremely robust i-Series (U)HPLC system finds a place, even in the smallest of laboratories. Equipped with UV or diode array detection, it is ideal for use in routine analysis. The simple and intuitive operation via touch-panel or control software ensure high-quality results, even for inexperienced users.

Preparative HPLC Systems

Nexera Prep is the ideal tool for preparative fractionation of complex sample mixtures. Separation methods developed in analytical scale can be easily scaled up using the integrated method transfer software, to allow for seamless preparation of high-purity substances. Fraction purity can then be confirmed by re-injection of the collected sample and re-analysis on the same system.

LCMS In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices

These instruments are in compliance with the regulation "Directive 98/79/EC" of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 October 1998 on in vitro diagnostic medical devices. These instruments are produced under a manufacturing quality system (ISO-13485).

IC – Ion Chromatography

Ion chromatography systems (IC)

Shimadzu's HIC-ESP ion chromatograph features the same low carry-over, excellent injection precision and low pump pulsation characteristics of the standard HPLC systems, to ensure highly reliable results in quantitative ion analysis. The HIC-ESP system is ideal for ionic samples from environmental testing, pharmaceutical or chemical analysis, medical devices or food science.


The ICDS-40A anion suppressor is a highly efficient, electrodialytic membrane suppressor for ion chromatography. It offers stable reduction of electrical conductivity of the eluent at the time of detection, enabling highly sensitive anion analysis. It features a low internal volume resulting in minimized peak dispersion for improved peak shape and good separation of early eluting compounds.

SFC – Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Analytical SFC Systems

The Nexera UC utilizes pressurized CO2 in the mobile phase, which offers several advantages compared to conventional chromatographic techniques. It offers orthogonal selectivity and faster analysis speed than standard HPLC, while using a “green” technique, which reduces the cost per sample. It is also well established for the investigation of chiral substances and hyphenation of SFC to mass spectrometry (MS) can lead to a significant increase in sensitivity. Fractionation in analytical scale is also possible using to the patented LotusStream GLS technology.

Preparative SFC Systems

The Nexera UC Prep is a next-generation preparative supercritical fluid chromatography system providing reliable high-performance semi-prep purification. The system was developed in partnership with the Enabling Technologies Consortium™ (ETC), it reduces labor and improves efficiency while fitting into pre-existing workflows. Thanks to the new patented gas-liquid-separation (GLS) technology, it offers outstanding recovery rates for purification and provides flexible system configurations allowing to maximize lab resources.

GPC – Gel Permeation Chromatography

Modular GPC Systems

The modular set-up of the Nexera GPC is the ideal tool for the separation of polymers by molecular weight using gel permeation chromatography (GPC). Based on the Nexera series HPLC systems, it is characterized by excellent retention time stability and flexible detection options, while the built-in Analytical Intelligence features ensure maximum reliability and ease-of-use.

Compact GPC system

Addition of a refractive index detector (RID) to a compact HPLC builds an i-series GPC, a conventional scale GPC system using multiple detectors with a minimized footprint.
A recycle valve kit can be attached to the RID to return column eluate to the mobile phase bottle during intervals when no component peaks are eluted. This reduces mobile phase consumption, cost of analysis per sample and the environmental impact.

(U)HPLC Solution Systems


Columns, vials and other HPLC consumables

A separation column is at the heart of any analytical and preparative application. Shimadzu provides a wide portfolio of high performance (U)HPLC and SFC columns, offering a variety of selectivity, particle size and column dimensions. The portfolio for consumables is completed by bottles, vials, caps, inserts and syringes for manual injectors.

Method packages

HPLC Detectors

Software Features

Find more information on software solutions in Datamanagement & Software .

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