High Speed Injection

Analysis cycle time

Only 10 seconds (for 10uL injection) are required for sample injection. High-speed vertical motion of the needle enables ultra-high speed sample processing, which was considered impossible with conventional auto-samplers. Using in combination with a high-speed- separation column makes an analysis cycle of less than one minute a reality.

Large Number of Samples Processing by Rack Changer

Rack changer

SIL-20A/C standard autosampler handles up to 768 sample (using 386-well microplates, 175 samples with 1mL vials). A rack changer is an optional product that can be used to change the microplates in the auto-sampler's racks and thereby facilitate serial analysis. Up to 12 plates can be mounted in the rack changer.

Full Automation

Combining the harmonize functions for each unit makes it possible to fully automate all the processes involved in analysis workflow, from startup to shutdown. Simply set the mobile phase and sample and start the system. The system will recognized the operating status and execute analysis. This significantly reduces the time the user must devote to analysis at startup.

Automated analysis procedure includes:

Starting and stopping of system operation at specified times, Replacement of mobile phase (purge), Automatic judgment of baseline stabilization, Rinsing and cooling of column, sample injection.

Self-diagnostics (Expert Function)

The system is equipped with a function that continuously monitors the operating status and, if there is a problem, provides notification and tries to resolve it. For example, if the pressure falls below a certain value during serial analysis, the function detects the problem, purges the mobile phase, and then resumes analysis after restoring normal status. The reliability of operating performance is also increased with a variety of diagnostic functions.

Automated check items include:

Remaining amount of mobile phase, Noise/drift check, Vial detection.


The Prominence system also incorporates consideration of validation. IQ/OQ at the time of installation, operational qualification for each unit in periodic inspections, and management of maintenance information can all be executed with ease. This means that inspections and modifications can be performed quickly and simply, significantly reducing the validation cost. Also, using an optional CMD (Column Management Device) makes it possible to recognize the column name and serial number, and to leave a record of information, such as the amount of mobile phase that has pumped and the number of sample injections.

Automated operational-qualification items include; Accuracy of solvent-delivery flow rate, Solvent-delivery pulsation, Lamp energy, Wavelength accuracy with built-in low pressure mercury lamp.

Column Management Device

System Control Using a Web Browser

Control and moitor HPLC systems on the network

Use any computer with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 to control and monitor the Prominence HPLC system. Connection to the CBM-20A with a static IP address requires no special software to control and monitor HPLC systems on the network from the client PC. Easily check the status of networked HPLC systems, or monitor consumable parts for increased work efficiency.


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