Total Organic Carbon Analysis

TOC 50th Anniversary

Shimadzu has been a world leader in the manufacture of high-quality total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers for decades. Since the release of the first product in 1972, these state-of-the-art TOC laboratory and online analyzers have been continuously developed and improved to maximize both sensitivity and productivity. Today, they are the ideal companion in environmental monitoring, research and various manufacturing processes, be it in pharmaceutical, chemical or food industry.


What is TOC?


History of Shimadzu TOC Analyzers

Product Lineup

TOC-L Series (Combustion)

The global standard for Laboratory TOC Analyzers, employing the 680°C high temperature catalytic oxidation method (HTCO).

eTOC Series (TOC-1000e)

Online TOC Analyzer for pure water using the UV / Direct Conductivity method


Highly advanced on-line TOC Analyzer excels in a wide range of applications...


UV / Wet-Chemical Laboratory TOC Analyzer for ultra high sensitivity measurements.

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