Polarity Switching Technology with No Compromise in Quality or Sensitivity

■ High-Sensitivity & High-Speed Positive/Negative Ionization Switching in 5 msec

Just One Minute per Analysis
A Case Study Using High-Speed Positive/Negative Ionization Switching

When performing simultaneous positive/negative ion measurements of multiple components, the proper acquisition of sharp UHPLC peaks depends on rapid polarity switching. The LCMS-8050 minimizes losses due to polarity switching and ensures the collection of sufficient data points for even the narrow peaks obtained with UHPLC, recording accurate peak shapes and allowing excellent reproducibility.

■ Only 5 msec to Achieve Stable Quantitative Accuracy with Positive/Negative Ionization Switching

Comparison of measurement using the ultra-fast polarity switching (5msec) and individual measurement of positive and negative ions.


The LCMS-8050 uses unique high-voltage power supply technology to achieve an ultra-high-speed positive/negative ionization switching time of just 5 msec. The LCMS-8050 is also the only instrument of its type to maintain ion intensity even when performing polarity switching at ultra-high speed, yielding consistent, reproducible data. Excellent quantitative results can be obtained from UHPLC peaks no more than 2-3 seconds wide, even when multiple components are eluted simultaneously.

■ Outstanding Throughput and Quantitative Accuracy

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